Friday, August 15, 2014

Hardwood Floor Cleaning and Refinishing: Is It Time?

Is it time to get hardwood floor cleaning done? This article will explore some reasons why you may wish to get a professional service in to take care of it for you.  
Call a hardwood floor refinishing service for help with your flooring
Call a hardwood floor refinishing service for help with your flooring

Why Hire a Hardwood Floor Refinishing Service?  

Why hire a hardwood floor refinishing service?  For one, they are going to know what type of floor you have.  Laminate flooring requires far different care than floor that is solid wood.  You have to be careful what you use on a hardwood floor.  You never want to use harsh chemicals for example, or use anything that is very watery, otherwise, you're going to soak your floor and end up warping your boards.  However, there is also the risk that you take from something as simple as furniture polish.  
How can furniture polish damage your hardwood floor?  Well, for one, most furniture polish is either oil-based, or has wax in it.  As a result, even though the polish will clean your hardwood floor, after a while, the hardwood will start to soak up the oil and/or wax, and as a result, your floor will look dingy.  In addition, some hardwood floors such as teak have a naturally high oil content already, so adding more oil can discolor or even ruin your wood.  If you end up with oil soaked wood, at that point, there is no amount of cleaning that you can do that will bring back your floor.  What usually happens at this stage, is someone reaches for something acidic like bleach or vinegar to cut through the residue.  While white vinegar in small amounts can hep clean your hardwood floor, in larger doses, it can cause more damage.  That's where a professional hardwood floor cleaning service can help.  They have access to cleaning solutions that you don't have, and can also recommend some general care advice between visits.  

Hardwood Floor Refinishing in Rolling Hills, CA

If you have hardwood floors, and you need hardwood floor refinishing in Rolling Hills, as we covered above, do not try to do this on your own.  A professional service can determine a lot by visiting your home.  They can tell what type of wood you have as well as what will need to be done to it from a simple cleaning all the way up to a full refinishing job.  
So remember, you want to hire someone who knows what they're doing.  The best service to hire is a professional one that offers hardwood floor refinishing in Rolling Hills and throughout the L.A. Area.  
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